DSL (Doggie as a second language) training and education

In our DSL (Doggie as a Second Language) Training and Education programs, we help humans learn to speak dog. Learning how to properly communicate with your new puppy or adult dog is the most important thing you can do for your pack’s growth, development and success. At The Bark Zone Toronto, our certified trainers are experts in a wide range of dog training methods and techniques. We work with a broad spectrum of canine temperaments, from dogs with the simplest issues to ones with more serious behavioural problems. We will work side-by-side with you and your dog to build a strong foundation for your pack, resulting in permanent bonds that are based on obedience, leadership, trust, and mutual respect!

Our personalized private training sessions will provide you with the tools needed to establish dominance as the Alpha both in and out of the home, fostering canine obedience and ultimately developing a deeper, more meaningful relationship built on a strong pack dynamic. This will enable you and your dog to go on more exciting adventures, enjoy a wider array of experiences, and share a fuller, richer companionship – especially on busy Toronto streets. What’s more, your dog will reward you and your family with even greater love, loyalty and affection because their role within the pack will become clear and secure through maintaining correct social structure and routine. It’s truly a win-win for all!

Basic curriculum


It is never too early to begin preparing your new puppy for obedience training. With our Puppy Preschool program, you will begin learning the fundamentals of preparing your home and family for your puppy’s arrival. You will learn how to integrate your puppy into your life and how to teach your dog to start developing desired behaviours and behavioural patterns. Your dog will learn appropriate manners, boundaries and what your expectations are for it to become a welcomed addition to your family. In this stage of training, we will cover basic commands that will help you communicate your needs to your new puppy.


At this stage of growth and development, dog owners need to maintain the social structure that has been previously established in order to ensure that desired behavioural patterns do not dissipate. Learning to obey fundamental commands is a vital part of developing a respectful, well-mannered adolescent dog both in and out of your home. Whether you are just starting with training, or building on Preschool, Grade School will teach you and your dog how to master more advanced commands that lead to a trusting and rewarding relationship both inside and out of the home, both on and off the leash.


Once your dog understands the basic commands you will need to ensure that your dog behaves in disruptive environments and can make correct decisions independently. This stage of training will help you to achieve a deeper relationship with your dog as it teaches you how to strengthen and maintain your dog’s good behaviour in more challenging environments. Take your dog on busy Toronto transit, to work or to the mall; High School will allow you a whole new level of trust, freedom and enjoyment with your canine companion!

continuing education


Private tutoring with our Canine College program offers your canine companion the opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time with one of our trainers without the distraction of having mom and dad around. During these sessions, your dog will gain exposure to a variety of environments such as the local shopping mall, dog park or neighbourhood walk while we work on issues that are specific to your dog’s needs. The goal of this service is to widen your dog’s social experience while we maintain and strengthen their current repertoire of good behaviour.

Further Education: Reading Canine Behaviour

This post-secondary program is for those individuals or families who want to learn more about what a dog’s behaviour means. This course will provide you with the tools necessary to decode canine communication, making interactions at the dog park or within neighbourhoods a positive experience. It is easy to miss subtle cues that your dog may be giving you that can lead to undesirable situations and behaviours. Being armed with a strong base of knowledge about dog communication can help you avoid situations like dog fights at the park, “come catch me” games in the backyard, leash aggression and much more. We would be happy to work with you one-on-one or with a group of your friends and/or neighbours that will increase the opportunity to learn from a wider range of dogs, breeds and associated behaviours.

behaviour modification: specialized education

Sometimes dog owners need to specialize their education because behavioural issues develop that require different techniques for behaviour modification. From under-socialized dogs who suffer from fear or anxiety, to pushy dogs who can become aggressive or possessive, we can teach you how to better manage your dog's behaviour. Being a confident leader who understands dog behaviour can dictate whether you maintain a relationship with our dog when dealing with a difficult dog.

guidance counselling

At The Bark Zone, we believe strongly that educating our clients will help them become savvy dog owners. This education starts when you begin thinking about bringing a puppy or rescue dog into your home. We work with our clients to help them make informed decisions about dog ownership, training, and pretty much anything "doggie" by offering initial consultations both in-home or over the phone. We would also be happy to assist you in the process of breed selection so you can start off on the right path. We can accompany you to the breeder or shelter to help you better understand what breed of dog or puppy would be best suited to your home environment and educate you in how to choose the right puppy or dog based on personality and mannerisms. At The Bark Zone, we will work with you so that you can be armed with all the tools you need to have a positive and fulfilling experience in dog ownership - a mission we commit ourselves to everyday.

To learn more about what our training programs can do for your pack, set up an initial consultation today!