We Play Our Part;
Let's all Work Together!

Our number one goal is to help you and your dog develop a balanced, positive and rewarding life-long bond that grows out of leadership from the moment you first adopt them as one of your own. The Bark Zone is committed to offering Toronto pet owners a wide range of professional dog walking and pet care services that help you manage your time better while simultaneously helping your dog to develop into the obedient, well-mannered pack member you’ve always dreamed of having!

 With our knowledge and experience, we are able to recognize the distinctive temperaments and unique stages of development of different breeds and individual dogs. We understand that establishing and maintaining social structure in your dog’s life through obedience training and regular exercise are vital for raising a well-behaved dog. Additionally, consistency and routine ensures that your dog remains obedient and has a good sense of purpose and belonging. Since every dog is unique and requires different handling, custom training techniques, and individualized methods of socialization, we perform an initial at-home consultation to discuss your pup’s specific needs and create the perfect program for you and your canine companions. Help set your dog up for success by providing it with a clear understanding of its role within your pack from the very beginning! Whether you are at work or travelling, see how our dog walking, home-style boarding and daycare, obedience training and additional pet care services can help you and your furry companions live an easier, healthier, happier life in Toronto – worry-free!


Toronto Dog Walking

So Much More Than A Walk in the Park

Our professional walkers take your dog to a local park for an hour of off-leash fun.

Boarding & Daycare

Sleep With EEEZzz While You're Away

  Rest assured that your pets are being loved and cared for by a trusted, friendly face.


Build A Rewarding Relationship

Our trainers and handlers help you develop unbreakable bonds with your dog.



Spawtastic, convenient, stress-free services ensure your dog’s personal style shines through.