A Dedicated & Passionate Pack of Pet Enthusiasts

At The Bark Zone, we are committed to creating a safe, trusting and worry-free environment for your dogs to play, learn and grow. All of our team members at The Bark Zone are insured, bonded and trained in Pet First Aid. We even have a certified Pet Tech Instructor on staff to teach, review and refresh the first aid skills of our Alphas. One of the core requirements of becoming a Bark Zone Alpha is to wholeheartedly share our love of caring for animals. All of our professional dog walkers, handlers and boarders are reliable, accountable and guarantee our quality service. Our clients throughout Toronto are assured peace-of-mind that, in their absence, their dogs are getting all of the attention and care they need and deserve throughout the day. Get to know our Alphas, or fill out an application to join our team and become a Bark Zone Alpha yourself!