Moore Park Ravine

Zone 4

Despite the urbanization of these suburban Toronto neighbourhoods, the naturally authentic foliage and wildlife in the Moore Park Ravine and surrounding area continue to thrive to this day! The lush off-leash trails, scenic ponds and picturesque meadows in our Moore Park Zone offer urban dogs a great place to play and explore together! With The Bark Zone’s highly trained Pack Alphas completely in control, off-leash walking is a safe and healthy experience for all of the dogs in our care.

The Moore Park Ravine Zone covers neighbourhoods from Yonge Street/Eglinton Avenue East to Bayview Avenue & Laird Drive/Bloor Street East.


• Davisville
• Leaside
• Moore Park
• Rosedale


• Moore Park Ravine
• David A. Balfour Park
• Rosehill Reservoir
• Rosedale Ravine
• Evergreen Brick Works