Perks you can add-on

We understand how difficult it is to manage your time between a busy work schedule and home responsibilities. The Bark Zone Toronto has a number of additional pet care services to assist our loyal clients with pet-related errands, helping to reduce the amount of stress in your hectic, day-to-day life! If you are interested in any additional services that are not listed here, please ask! We will jump at the opportunity to help or advise you of an alternative option if we are not able to be of assistance.

Pet Re-Fresh

Treat your beloved dog(s) to a Spaw Day by taking advantage of the basic grooming services The Bark Zone Toronto has to offer, including: nail clipping, ear cleaning, and bathing/drying. Your dog is guaranteed to come home smelling as fresh as a daisy with its tail wagging and waiting to get some “clean dog” love that we all look extra forward to!

Pet Taxi Services

The Bark Zone understands that you may not have time in the day to run all of your errands. That’s why we provide many types of Pet Taxi services for our Toronto clients and their urban pets including: Pet Taxis, Vet Visits, and Pet Supply Pick-Up & Delivery services. Just ask us for help with any errands you just can’t get to!