How We Earned Our Title as "Top Dog"

The Bark Zone is a highly reputable Toronto-based company for dog walking and pet care services that has been making a difference in the busy lives of families with dogs in the GTA for over 15 years. Our mission is to provide professional pet care services that help dog-owners balance a hectic work schedule with demanding home-life responsibilities by delivering a value added experience for all. With our many years of experience handling a countless number of precious pups, our passionate Pack of Alphas are able to command their charges with the utmost confidence and care. Our expert team of dog walkers is always eager to share our enthusiasm for, and knowledge about, proper dog and pet care with our clients. At The Bark Zone, we make it our priority to always ensure the happiness, health and safety of the dogs we care for by providing them with a positive, interactive, and socially stimulating environment. We promise to care for your dog(s) the same way you do at home by giving them the love, attention and exercise they both need and deserve in your absence. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to the continued education of the dogs we look after; helping to improve the communication and understanding between you and them, ultimately allowing your pack to live a fuller, more balanced life. 


The Value of a Pro-Team

We always come when you call! You and your dog(s) benefit from the accountability, consistency and expertise of a dedicated team that are not only insured and bonded, but truly love spending time caring for animals. We even have a certified Pet Tech Instructor on staff to teach, review and refresh the first aid skills of our Alphas.


The Bark Zone Guarantee

Our entire team of specially trained Pet Care Professionals promises reliability, flexibility and convenience for you. Regardless of weather, vacation or illness, there is always an Alpha available to care for your pets and take your dog for a full, hour-long off-leash walk, every time!