Client Testimonials

June, Sonny & Cher

There is no place like home for my pups… EXCEPT The Bark Zone! Daycare and Boarding are both caring and SAFE, and walks, you may ask?... Always tailored to my little guy's specific needs. And if you're in a pinch? The staff is on it immediately! Thanks, Jenny and Janet!

Sharon, Andrew & Liesl

From the very first time we took Liesl to the park (here 3 months), she knew how to get along well with all the other pooches.

Thank you Jenny and The Bark Zone for training US to become good masters to our Small Munsterlander, Liesl (by name… Goddess of Frolic, by reputation)!

The Weinstein's

The Bark Zone has been walking and boarding Teddy since he was born. He has so much fun when he boards with them; coming home exhausted and missing his other doggy friends. The Bark Zone is so flexible and accommodating, they help make life with two kids and a dog so much easier! We trust this company with our beloved dog and to access our home. They are completely trustworthy and extremely professional.

Thanks so much for everything! 

Lynn & TK

Jenny Wisenberg and The Bark Zone team have been like family to me since the day our bearded collie TK came to us. They have been incredibly loving and caring in providing excellent services for our dog including Daycare, Boarding, Walking and Training. They are flexible and accommodating to our needs; they often help out with little or no advance notice. Our dog thinks of The Bark Zone as his second home. He scampers into The Bark Zone without a goodbye! We can leave him in their care with not a worry and know that he will return to us healthy and happy. I could not imagine having our dog without their support and outstanding care.

Miriam & Charlie

Dear Bark Zone

Just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated  your good care of Charlie these past few years. You have been not only responsible and reliable but kind, concerned, loving and understanding, especially when he had some health issues; you were great!!

Best of all, you adore Charlie and he adores you!!

Thanks so much for everything!


Bob, Jill & Charlie

My name is Charlie. I am 11 months old and first met Jenny when I was only 10 weeks. Even though I was very cute, I was a real bum and my new family was going to send me to a farm. One night Jenny came to my house and my whole life started to change. She was really strict but soon I realized that if I listened and stopped nipping, my life would be amazing!!! I learned how to behave with other dogs, play ball and how to behave in my house. I have the best dog walker in the world and love staying with her when my parents go away. Jenny is still working with me to resolve my door bell issues and I still pee when I see her!!! I have so many dog buddies and hope they can come to my first birthday party! My life is great and I love The Bark Zone!!!!

Stuart, Gayle & Kobie

What can you say about a company that has never failed to achieve your highest expectations? Actually, I can say a lot.  The Bark Zone has provided us with stellar service for 13 years. Their Pack Alphas are awesome, reliable, friendly, and according to my canine son, lots of fun! And, we enjoy seeing them as much as he does.


Bob, Dorothy & Benjy

Hello everyone. My name is Benjy Aaron. I'm a seven-year-old blonde Lhasa Apso and my owner, Bob, thinks I'm the cutest dog ever. I look forward to my regular walks with Jenny and Terri, and socializing with all my four-legged friends at The Bark Zone. Even though Bob takes me to his office on a regular basis to do email and other boring tasks, I much prefer the fresh air, sunshine and (sometimes) snow that I get when I'm outdoors exercising with my "buds" at The Bark Zone.

Nadine & Big

Since the time that I was a tiny little pup, I have been so fortunate to have my people-friends at the bark zone come and take me for walks. I was always so happy to see them! When I got older I was allowed to join the group walks where I get to run and chase and play. I have made such good friends, I have learned socialization skills and get to practice (most of the time) my good behaviour and training that Jenny has taught my mom and me. I miss my buddies on the weekend and can get a little grumpy but when I do go, I am happily exhausted when I come home so I sleep really well and can then continue to be as cute as can be. Mom has enclosed pictures of all these situations! She is always telling everyone how fortunate we are to have The Bark Zone, how they look after me all day if she is going to be late, how they drop me off at the groomers when it is 'that' time and how they let me have sleep over’s when she goes away. She says she trusts them with my life, that makes her very happy and that's a double win for me, I feel very lucky to have the care and companionship of all my friends at The Bark Zone

Lisa & Truffles

We entrust Truffles into the care of the loving and experienced staff at The Bark Zone, knowing that she will be treated like a family member with her tail wagging after a joyful romp in the park.

When Trudy arrives, Truffles flies to the front door and greets her like her other ""mommy"".  I love that the entire Bark Zone family knows my dog's habits and is always so invested in her wellbeing.

Julio & Blue

Como vai? This is Portuguese for how are you?

They call me BLUE but my Mom and Dad and sisters and brothers and my niece are crazy because in reality I am a black (yes, totally black) Portuguese Water dog.

I am rambunctious and yet obedient and am everybody's best friend. I am oh so cute! I like to jump on people I don't know (which makes my family mad) and occasionally I piddle around because I get so excited (which makes them even madder!).

My favourite part of the day is when Terry (or Marc, or Jenny) come to pick me up for a walk. Let me tell you: it is great!. I get to not only walk but run, jump, sometimes swim (I am joking but I would like to). After all I am a WATER dog and play with many of my friends. We frolic and we bark and we get treats that are yummy!

Sometimes I even get to go home with Marc and that is even more fun. And sometimes he brings two or three of my friends and that is the greatest!

We have slumber parties and put on pj's and get to drink..... water of course. He is great! He lets us lie with him in his enormous sofa while he tickles our tummies. But he always follows my dad's instructions to the letter: Only my special food and never any greasy treats that would hurt me.

The Bark Zone people are fantastic!!! I like them all and my family does too. Let me tell you: I see other dogs around when they are being walked by someone else (even their daddies and mommies). But I feel sorry for them because we are better cared for and we have more fun.

If you have a dog like me (only if he or she is fun, we don't like bores) call The Bark Zone! Great for walks, boarding or special occasions.

PS. Just look at me! A gorgeous angel!

Sheryl Berke.png

Sheryl, Kona & Chase

I have used The Bark Zone's services for over 11 years for Training, Walking, and Boarding, and they are all fantastic services. Jenny helped train our first dog, Kona, and is now helping us with our second puppy, Chase. We’d be truly lost without her!  Jenny is reliable, conscientious and enthusiastic; she always goes that extra mile.  Not only is she an amazing trainer, she really loves what she does, and loves the dogs, and this is apparent from the moment you meet her.  I have never had anything but positive experiences with everyone who is associated with The Bark Zone, from the office staff to all of the walkers who have taken care of our dogs.  I can’t recommend the service enough! 


Adler has been a part of the Bark Zone family since the day we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She loved spending time with her “puppy walker” when she was too young to join the pack and now loves spending time every day with Diane and her pack -  running around, exploring and wrestling with the other dogs. Adler gets super excited when Diane comes to pick her up and is known for wiggling her bum and little tail so much that she can almost fly!

Being new to the puppy/dog world, Bark Zone has been a tremendous help to Alex and I. They always have an answer to our questions, and have patiently answered all of my emails and phone calls as a concerned, new fur mommy. Adler has started staying with Bark Zone boarders when we have to go away, and I swear sometimes she doesn’t want to come home with us, she’s having way too much fun with Bill and Joanne!

We can’t thank the Bark Zone family enough for all they do. We swear we would be lost without you in our life! Thank you for caring for our little fur ball as much as we do – we can’t think of better people to be with her when we can’t!